5 Simple Ways to Renovate and Refresh Your Home Deck


The climate in Minnesota is varied, ranging from frigid and damp winters to sweltering summer heat, high humidity, and arctic wind. It stands to reason that anything we build outside our homes must be built tough to endure the elements. From moisture, frost action, and UV rays from the sun, the lifespan of your deck […]

What To Know About a Deck Build Warranty

Carpenter Cutting Wood With Handheld Saw While Coworker Helping

A deck build warranty assures homeowners of a contractor’s commitment to replacing decking material due to manufacturer or contractor errors. Knowing the hired contractor will repair your deck if you aren’t pleased with the results is calming. Hiring a professional and experienced deck builder will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected and irritating […]

How Deck Skirting Can Keep Wildlife Away from Your Yard 

Deck skirting with beautiful flowers and sun.

Outdoor living is at its best during the summer months. If you’re thinking of having a deck installed or restored, you want to make sure it stays in good repair. It will get a lot of foot traffic, of course, but what if the visitors are less welcome? Underneath a deck is a prime place […]

Protect Your Deck This Winter With These Tips

young couple enjoying their deck in winter

As the long days of autumn draw to a close, winter is snapping at our heels. The weather turns colder, the rainfall increases, and our homes and yards can become more vulnerable. Taking time to protect your deck for winter is the best way to preserve your deck’s longevity. This maintenance and care will allow […]

How to Prepare Your Deck for Fall

happy friends grilling on a barbecue on a wooden deck in the autumn

As the nights draw in and the temperature drops, thoughts turn to the best way to prepare your deck for fall. The last days of the sun mean that many of us are preparing to pack up the garden, ready for the harsh winter weather.  An essential element of this includes keeping our decks in […]

7 Deck Maintenance Tips to Save Your Deck

hammer, protective gloves, folding ruler, model knife, blueprint, wooden dowels and yellow safety helmet on wooden background

Your deck is almost an outdoor living room, where you host guests, family, and friends. The people gathering on your deck need to be safe and comfortable so that everyone can relax and have fun. This statement may sound obvious, but the elements are always attacking your deck. Imagine if your living room were subject […]