Two Decades of Quality Deck Building

5 Tips for Fixing Splintered Decks

Old Wooden Planks with splintered decks

Is your wooden deck starting to get splintered and in dire need of repair? Besides the fact that it’s unsightly, splintered wood also poses a safety hazard. So the quicker your fix it, the better.  But how can you repair your splintered deck with minimal effort and deconstruction? That’s what I’m here for! I’ll give […]

What To Know About a Deck Build Warranty

Carpenter Cutting Wood With Handheld Saw While Coworker Helping

A deck build warranty assures homeowners of a contractor’s commitment to replacing decking material due to manufacturer or contractor errors. Knowing the hired contractor will repair your deck if you aren’t pleased with the results is calming. Hiring a professional and experienced deck builder will give you peace of mind and avoid unexpected and irritating […]


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