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Covered Decks and Patios Add Unique Style to Your Home

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Covered Decks and Patios Add Unique Style to Your Home

Covered decks or patios can give you more shade, increase your home’s curb appeal, and create a beautiful outdoor space you can’t help but spend time in. There are many deck and patio coverings, so choosing one can sometimes feel complicated. Read on to learn about the different coverings, their benefits, and some styling suggestions. Request a free estimate to get started. 

Types of Deck and Patio Coverings

Covered deck and patio with patio furniture.

There are several types of deck and patio coverings, so your options are truly endless! 

  • Roof Extension: Extends your roof out to cover your patio or deck. If you’re considering installing a roof extension, it is important to work with an architect or other building expert to ensure that it will not interrupt the flow of your roofline.
  • Awning: Made of fabric and generally inexpensive, awnings are great for creating a more versatile space. Some are retractable, allowing you to choose when you want shade and when you want sun. 
  • Pergola: A more open option for shade, consisting of bare beams running above your patio or deck. These can provide a surprising amount of shade on their own but can be covered with fabric or vines to create even more shade.
  • Pavilion: Comes in both portable and permanent options. A pavilion takes up a portion of your deck or patio, allowing you to have a covered space and uncovered space at the same time. They usually aren’t very large, creating a cozy space to relax.
  • Gazebo: Somewhat room-like, a gazebo can be built in whatever shape you desire. Gazebos have posts and are more enclosed than other options, allowing you to section off a part of your backyard.
  • Screened: A screened-in porch or deck is popular in climates that experience a lot of bugs. Protect yourself from unwanted pests swarming your food by screening in your outdoor space.
  • Attached Overhead: A cover that attaches to a back wall of your home, supported by sturdy posts at the other end of your deck or patio. 

Reasons to Add a Cover/Roof to Your Deck or Patio

There are many reasons to consider adding a cover or roof to your deck or patio. Covering your deck/patio can give you many benefits, including making a more functional space and increasing the value of your home.

Provides Shade

One of the biggest benefits of adding a covering to your deck or patio is providing shade during the summer heat. Covering your patio or deck can help you enjoy the outdoors more, protect yourself from sunburn, and create a cooler environment to relax in during the heat of the day. Spend more time outdoors and less time squinting in the sun with a cover for your deck or patio.

Protect Your Grilling Station

If you frequently find yourself grilling on your deck or patio, consider adding a cover to protect your grill. This offers extra protection from the elements and can even allow you to grill outside in the rain without getting wet! If you’re considering using a cover to block out the rain, make sure to choose one that will offer the most coverage for your space, such as a screened-in patio/deck or roof extension. 

Create a Trellis

Create a beautiful trellis decorated with trailing vines or hanging planters. The right kind of cover also allows you to hang chairs or a hammock from the ceiling, building the perfect escape right in your backyard. Create your own functional, peaceful relaxation spot with a patio or deck cover. 

Increases Home Value

Adding a well-made cover to your patio or deck can help increase your home’s value. Home renovations are an investment, and a patio/deck cover is no exception. According to a Remodeling Impact Report by the National Association of Realtors, the return on investment of a deck or patio improvement can be higher than 100%, depending on the costs of labor and materials used. Contrast this with an ROI of 50-80% for most other home renovation projects, and you can see why adding a deck/patio cover is a popular choice. 

Styling Options for Your Covered Deck or Patio

There are endless options for styling your covered deck or patio. Lean into a more modern feel or create a rustic look; it’s all up to you! Here are a few ideas for styling your deck or patio for some inspiration.

Add a Pergola and Create a Plant Sanctuary

Adding a pergola is the perfect way to create shade while still allowing some sunlight to peek through. One of the most fun ways to dress up a pergola-style covering is to allow vines to creep up the sides and around the beams. Add hanging plants and fairy lights for an enchanted garden look, or add lots of vines to increase the amount of shade you have. Be sure to pick hardy, full sun vines to ensure that they grow into a beautiful, lush green space for your home. 

Create a Modern Look with Sharp Edges

If your home is a bit more on the modern side, consider styles with sharp angles. Use materials such as wood and metal beams to make a box shape around your deck or patio. For a unique modern touch, consider making the sides of your cover glass or adding “skylights” to the top to allow sunlight in while blocking out any nasty weather. 

Use an Awning for a Small Patio

Awning on a covered patio.

If you have a small patio, incorporating an awning can give you the shade you want without crowding your already limited space. If you enjoy getting sun every now and then, consider a retractable awning to provide yourself with the best of both worlds for your patio.

Create a Mini Gazebo to Cover Your Grill

If you enjoy grilling regularly, don’t let the rain stop you. Even if you’re not looking to cover your entire deck or patio, you can still cover your grilling station. 

This is an excellent way to protect your grill and give yourself some shade while cooking. Add a mini gazebo to your deck to create an amazing-looking grill station that allows you to grill no matter the weather. 

Make Your Patio Part of a New Extension

If you’re considering adding a new extension to your home, why not create a sunroom and patio? A sunroom can add more space to relax indoors, and adding a patio right off of it can help tie the two parts of your home together, creating a seamless look. Consider adding large windows or a sliding glass door to connect the room and patio further. Doing so will allow you to experience the outdoors even when you’re not sitting outside. 

Trust the Experts at Dupont Decks

If you’re looking at building a new deck with a covering, the experts at Dupont Decks are ready and waiting to help you. We carry nearly two decades of experience for each job that we do. 

Our construction professionals take pride in the care and level of quality we put into every project that we commit to finishing! Contact us today and let our experts create your perfect outdoor space.


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