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Top 6 Outdoor Living Space Features For Your Property Value

A rooftop patio and an open kitchen with sliding glass doors.

Upgrading or remodeling your outdoor living space features is a surefire way to increase your home’s curb appeal. According to a survey study, it can increase property value by about $20,000. Backyard improvements will make your day-to-day home life more fulfilling. Plus, if you ever decide to sell your property, they can increase the value […]

Must-Have Deck Features During Winter That You Can Enjoy

A cozy mountain modern chalet covered in snow

Imagine transforming your deck into a cozy winter retreat where you can enjoy the crisp air and beautiful snowfall. With the right features and adjustments, your deck can become a comfortable and inviting space to entertain or unwind during the colder months.  If you’re considering building or maintaining your home deck, this blog post is […]

Tips for Caring for Your Home Deck and Furniture During the Winter

Snowy deck overlooking homes in the village blanketed with snow in winter. Table, chairs, glass door, and blue sky can also be seen in this frosted scenery.

The joys of a beautifully crafted home deck or luxurious outdoor furniture can be quickly overshadowed by the wrath of winter. Caring for your home deck and furniture against Snowfall, fluctuating temperatures, and persistent moisture can avoid the destruction of your beloved outdoor spaces.  You don’t have to worry anymore! With proper winter care, you […]

Caring for Covered Decks in Cold Weather: All You Need to Know

A covered deck ideal for relaxing outdoors. Generative AI

In the warmer months, we can enjoy decks in various ways, but that changes as winter approaches. Caring for covered decks in cold weather is vital for keeping them in good shape as long as possible. That’s why we’ve put together this guide to show you how to protect them during chilly months.  Dupont Decks […]

Create the Ultimate Cozy Winter Deck Experience

Home deck with spectacular views of lake and mountain on a sunny winter day

Your deck has incredible potential to become a haven of cozy bliss, even during winter. With a few additions and adjustments, you can create a warm, inviting, cozy winter deck experience for your family and guests. At Dupont Deck, we’re passionate about helping homeowners maximize their outdoor spaces year-round. If you need to build a […]

Weatherproofing Your Deck: A Guide for the Upcoming Winter

Backyard Deck in Winter

Winter is coming, and it’s time to start thinking about weatherproofing your deck for the harsh weather conditions ahead. Your deck is an important part of your home and should be protected from the elements to ensure it remains safe and in good condition. Snow, sleet, and rain can all damage wood and composite decks, […]

12 Ways for Your Pergola Design Throughout the Seasons

Beautiful Yard Pergola

You have or are planning to install a beautiful backyard pergola. A pergola is an open, four-cornered structure made of archways. It provides shade for lounging humans and a trellis for vining plants to climb up beautifully. Pergola design can make a home and deck much more elegant, but they are generally considered warm-weather structures.  […]

Firepit vs. Fireplace: 8 Factors to Keep in Mind

Firepit vs Fireplace

If you’re thinking about getting a firepit vs. fireplace, it’s easy to get stuck wondering what the best choice would be. Depending on your lifestyle and personal preferences, one option might appeal to you more than the other, but it can be hard to know which one that would be until you try it out.  […]

Should You Add a Privacy Fence to Your Deck?

Back yard with pine trees with deck

Your deck is a private oasis of personal relaxation. Whether you lay out lounge chairs, incorporate a hot tub, or build an outdoor kitchen, your deck is a space that is 100% you. Of course, with neighbors close by, sometimes achieving that complete sense of relaxing isolation requires an elegant screen.  Privacy fences have been […]

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

Add Ambiance and Warmth With an Outdoor Deck Fireplace

A warm and cozy outdoor deck fireplace creates a charm for personal spaces. From the stunning appearance to the capacity for entertainment, outdoor decks are suitable for fire elements. You can capitalize on your personal property to create your desired ambiance. With appropriate attention to detail and planning, you can have a fireplace installed on […]

Create an Oasis with a Hot Tub Privacy Enclosure

A warm jacuzzi with a hot tub privacy enclosure

The bliss of a hot tub experience is unmatched. The relaxation of a hot tub makes it a worthwhile investment. When you buy the hot tub, one of the first things to do is secure its safety and privacy by creating a hot tub privacy enclosure.  But do you really need a hot tub enclosure […]


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